Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of legs

Unique operations for correcting the shape and length of legs

Ilizarov method is known all over the world. This is an outstanding achievement of Russian medical science. Largest experience of Ilizarov's apparatus application in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of limbs was acquired in Russia. Medical team of "Yauza Medical Center" actively employs Ilizarov method, which has been existed for almost 30 years. That's why patients come to us from all over the world.

To be treated in Russia is right thing.
To be treated in 'Yauza Medical Center' is prestigious.
With kinds regards,
Alexander Artemiev

List of services

Legs lengthening

An opportunity to lengthen legs is a great achievement in medicine, which became possible thanks to Ilizarov apparatus invention in 1952. We do employ...


Bow Legs correction

Bow legs (varus knee deformity) - most common reason for surgical correction.


Knock knees (valgus deformity) correction

True X-shape curvature (valgus deformity) is the distance between feet and closed ankles standing up right.


Yauza Medical Center

Outpatient and surgical treatment is accomplished in Multidisciplinary Yauza Medical Center. You will be treated by professional specialists, with attentive and kind personnel attention in comfortable conditions.

Operations are carried out according to worldwide standards  in fully equipped and up-to-date operation units, which have all necessary for special care and anesthesia. Post-operative care period is undergone comfortably and under monitoring of experienced personnel.