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Artemiev Alexander

Leading specialist of compound fractures and its effects, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of legs.

In 2001 created leg shape classification, which became well known and used as a method of leg correction (ideal legs, true and false curvature legs).

In 2003 Dr.Artemiev defended his doctoral thesis "Correction of legs form and length in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery". Was the first whose thesis was recognized as the most essential in the reviewed problem.

Author of research and practice works.

Professional interests:

  • aesthetic correction of legs (correction of curvature);
  • legs lengthening (height lengthening, legs length discrepancy);
  • treatment of bone fractures of any location and complication, including open and gunshot fractures;
  • treatment of congenital and posttraumatic deformations and shortening;
  • treatment of posttraumatic malunions and nonunions;